Monday, June 25, 2007

Riverside Restaurant o Cafe Majestic

This place again... haha... which pic should i put 1st.. hmm.. de entrance den..

so many people fighting for food.. haha...

Hardly find a table if you come late... :(


Rojak's ingredients i suppose..

Fried rice + fried mee + fried potato + fried fish + mini fish burger

Satay+ fried chicken + sth sth sth + sweet corn soup

i have no idea wad is dis.. haha..

Rice + fried fish + fried potato + sth sth

COOKING TIME..Need to make noodle by yourself!! haha.. wad to do..

There's a place for u to reheat the noodle and another 1 is the soup for noodle.

You can have some of these or all of them for the noodle. There's vege on top then mushroom, onion, chicken, prawn and sth.. at the bottom.

TADA!! My noodle.. Prawns+chickens+onions!! YUM YUM!

1 for mummy..

Ham Sandwich, anyone?

Time to make ice-kacang!! Also, need to make by yourself.. Haih..

I onli choose longan.. The rest i dun reli like. Haha..

A bit left.. haha.. forgot to take pic before that.. haha..

Jelly in the glass, cookies, cakes, and so on...

The place to meet?? Hmm...

Is this siew moi? and chicken i think..

That corner is not available that time. Sob sob.. Miss the pizzas and spaghetti..

Dat guy: Sushi o salmon anyone?? Haha.. No la.. that sushi buffet onli operate at nite time..


Nice nice.. somemore with a chocolate guitar..

The price is "NICE" oso.. But with the privilege card, is cheaper. For better view, click the pic.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


TADA!!! I'll put more when i find more... haha..

Monday, June 4, 2007

Face to Face o Side by Side?? From the front o back??

From what i've seen so far, most couple would prefer sitting side by side in the restaurant.. Mostly when i go to restaurant and have my dinner, i can see most couple sitting side by side.. Hmm.. Y ho?? Then there's once i was having my dinner at MMM, there was a couple sitting face to face to each other. After xxx, the guy stood up and sat besides his gf then again XXX. haha.. So, i began to wonder, why most lovers prefer sitting side by side with each other? I oso dun know why.. So, i ask my frens bout the "side by side o face to face" during our lunch time.

Me: What would u prefer - sitting side by side with ur gf/bf o sitting face to face..??
Some answers from my frens

Avery: Side by Side

Aldrin: Side by Side *can see her from side oso.. (was arguing wif aldrin bout dis.. haha)

David: Side by Side

Soon Eng: Side by Side

Kwang Yang: Side by Side *closer ma

Tung Tung: Side by Side

Kenneth Chong K.F: Side by side

Ah Seng: Side by side *if noisy sit side by side, if quiet face to face

Yong Yong: Side by Side *closer ma

Wui Jie: Face to Face

Eric: Face to Face

Keith: Face to face *can look deep into the eyes

Melvin: Face to Face

Fairol: Face to Face

Soon: Face to Face

Steven: Face to Face

Jeff: Face to Face

Erica: Face to Face

Tong Tong: Face to face

Irene: Face to Face

ME: Face to Face *can see the face ma..

Su Chan: Face to Face

Next quest, asked by Aldrin (if i am not mistaken) : U prefer to hug your bf/gf from the back or from the front?

David: From the back

Soon: From the back

Avery: From the back

Aldrin: From the back

Fairol: From the back

Keith: From the back

Melvin: From the front

Soon Ping: From the front

Jeff: From the front *hug behind is when really miss her lar i guess. hug in front means cant live without her..

Erica: From the front

Tung Tung: From the front

Kenneth Chong: From the front *back is romantic, front is strong affection and warmth

Su Chan: From the front

Tong Tong: From the front

Irene: From the front

Yong Yong: From the front. But if his mood not good, then from back.

ME: I want to hug from the back then to the front. HAHA

Wui Jie: Side by side.. hmm>>

Irene was telling me the explaination for sitting side by side o face to face. But i forgot.. Goin to ask her on Tues.. Haha.. According to a fren of mine, most of the girls prefer to hug guys from the front. And guys prefer to hug girls from the back. Coz guys are bigger (in size) to hug a girl from the back. Jo told me lotz oso.. said..front to front is those long lasing couple,da married ones.. =)

Well, i think most girls prefer to sit face to face and prefer to hug her bf from the front. As for the guys ar, i am not quite sure bout dat.. Coz the answers above make me uncertain about that. Nways, tell me ur answers for the 2 questions above if u havent answer oh.. ^_^ and tell me why if can.. more interesting to noe the reasons rite>>>
*I'll write more some other day.. so zzzz liao...