Sunday, October 31, 2010

First time...

Well, there is always a first time in our lives..
First time to be apart from family...
First time to travel alone...
First time to live in a new environment...
First time to buy groceries on my own...
First time to use train then tram to go to the market...
First time to choose a nice fresh fish, chicken, pork and prawn...
First time to be lost in nowhere...
First time to take the wrong train...
First time to group with ang mos....
First time to have presentation with ang mos...
First time to be surrounded with no one that I knew...
First time to be thought as an American... Haha...
First time to know other people from different countries...
First time to.....
There's really A LOT of first time... haha...
But not to mention that...
it was my first time to SNOWBOARDING and my first time to ICE-SKATING!!! wheee....
It was fun!! though i got myself bruises... aiks aiks.. ;)

At Mount Buller...

At Docklands...
And next week is my first time having a final exam that early, which is even before the actual exam commences!!! grrr.... havent have the time to study gok... aiks aiks...

Oh ya, HappY Halloween ya!!!
cheers... =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010



为何后来我们 用沉默取代依赖
曾经lang lang星空

于是梦醒了 搁浅了 沉默了 挥手了

于是梦醒了 搁浅了 沉默了 挥手了

于是梦醒了 搁浅了 沉默了 挥手了

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


昨天的我遇到倒霉的事。那就是我的电脑竟然tiok sot. 今天的我却失去了钱包。。 这下该怎么办才好呢?? 真的希望还可以找回我的钱包,也可以修好我的电脑。

这里的天气很冷。非常非常的冷!!! wah!!! 赫赫。。 好啦。。 今天就blog 到这里。。因为今天的心情不是这么的好咯。。。

Monday, August 2, 2010

27th July...

This month is quite a tiring month.. I got back from Melb and have to do my internship placement, Not long after that, my mum went for operation and I have to take care of her. There’s so much thing to do and I have to say that I really admire those women who work while able to handle housework, also to keep the house in a clean and tidy. After work, I have to go home and prepare dinner for family. Then have to wash clothes and fold clothe, sometimes ironing the clothes. I am not so good in managing all these in a day lo.. I was so so so so so exhausted ah after all these. Haha.. That is also why I don’t really online ki.. Too many things to do then too tired to online liao ah.. Every morning when I wake up, I wish to have more time on sleeping. So this come to my mind, how can the adults handle all these esp those who need to send their kids to school too??? Mmm… 5 sth wake up, then prepare breakfast for kids, then send kids to sch, then go for work, then after work, have to prepare dinner for family. After washing all the dishes and frying pans,… send kids to tuition? Or check whether they do their homework? Or spend some time watching tv? Wow!!! There’s not much time left to online before go zzz eh.. Hehe.. Play game oso cannot play too long oh.. If not, the next day sure cannot work under a good condition. Haha..

One month is coming to the end… My internship is going to over… And I am going to melb le.. Mmm… New sem is coming and that is going to be my last sem.. Hopefully this coming sem is goin to be nice and smooth.. =)

I have so many things undone oso eh.. Havent go watch movie de.. Havent go out eat dinner… Havent go shopping de.. Havent buy what I wan so I can bring over. Hehe… Only manage to go out eat with Shirley, Josey for the moment and also meet up with abubu them nia… *piak my head.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time flies...

Time really passes very fast. Now is already Week 11 eh. OH MY LO!!! Need to get motivated in doing my fyp, assignments and study for final!!! Was very upset with something then after videocalling with bro and mum, I felt a lot better but only last for a while. My didi draw a lot of cute pics for me!! Haha… Although there’s some not good de. Grrrr…. But really appreciate that a lot. I even save them and put one of them as my wallpaper. Haha..

Sometimes I feel lonely here lo. Maybe coz not living with own family and not much friends around tend to cause that kind of feeling. Sometimes when wan to ask for accompany, also very hard to find it at here. Luckily there’s this thing called “Internet”. Haha..

Nways, I also start to do things alone. Went to Vic Market alone and luckily can find the place. Phew… I have to admit that my sense of direction is quite lousy so need time for improvement. Hehe..

As for the final, I am going to have two tests on a day and is held at Festival Hall. Well, I have no idea where is Festival Hall. Only know is near Docklands. So have to find a day to go find it by myself. Sometimes I am quiet scared to explore alone eh… Coz I am scared that I might get lost in the middle of nowhere! Haha.. But then, I always can get through with it. Phew…

Another thing that bothers me is that I kinda feel so useless lo.. Is either by doin so is to be nice to me, or I am too dumb to do important things. I seriously don’t feel good for not doing work lo. Aiks aiks.. Feel feel like I am not needed or sth. I noe I am not so smart la.. but I will do my very best to get things done oh.. Hmmm…

This week is Week 12 le.. Going to have my BIS access lab test then infra assignment then research papers! Wish me luck! See ya for now.. =)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I bought this few weeks ago... Why ah??? hmmm.. to motivate me tak chek ba... plus to cheer me up lo... Haha... Since there's 50% discount gok... ;)
Now is oredi Week 9 eh... So nervous ah!!!!!!!!! So many things to think gok... hmph.... How i wish I can have a long holiday lo... Then can have a good sleep, provided that I can get rid of the train ah!!! grrrr....

Monday, April 26, 2010

WHY??? WHY? WHY???

There is indeed a lot of questions on “WHY?”. Why why why??? There’s simple WHY questions and complicated WHY questions…

Why is it like this?
And Why is it like that?
Why do you have to be like this?
And Why do you have to be like that?
Why do you like this?
And Why do you dislike that?
Why do you love this?
And Why do you hate that?
Why do you prefer this and not that?
Why do you have to make such decision but not the other one?

Why do you have to think so much?
And why can’t you stop thinking?
Why do you have to be sad or upset?
And why not just let it go or forget about it?
Why do you miss someone?
And why you can’t forget about that someone?
Why is it that I have to listen to you?
And why can’t I have my own point of view?
Why do you reject instead of accept?


Although the WHY questions seem to have an answer or answers to them, there is a possibility that the WHY questions could not be answered. So, why is this so? Again, the WHY question arise… Haha…

Ok la.. Don’t make things too complicated. Ignore the WHY questions when u r doing something. Don’t make these WHY questions to bother you. Keep your mind away from the WHY questions!!! Lol… (if only it is that easy… I know I know… hehe).

However, sometimes thinking and having a solution or answers to the WHY question may be beneficial… Haha… You may ask “Why is that so??” Mmm….

Let’s say in most of the time, you have the answer for the WHY question/(s), is just that you will prefer to say:”I don’t know….”. Right? ;)

So, why do you have to say I don’t know while you do know why… Hmmm… Sometimes, you feel lazy to talk bout it or you totally don’t feel like talking bout it. And sometimes, the answer is the Secret… Ooo….


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Had my excel test today and submitted the weekly submission. Each week, I have to show to the lecturers wad is the progress in my assignments. Noted that I mentioned “lecturerS”, not lecturer eh.. means I have to keep up with all the assignments for each subject each week oh.. Ow man… And I am kind of last minute ki.. coz there’s so much to do… and sometimes is either I do not have the mood to do or mot motivated… Not good not good.. *shake head shake head.. haha… Nways, I am getting it to there d.. will have the determination to do better le... Jia you lar! ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


cham le.. duno y dun haf the moood to do assignments eh... Mmm... This is bad bad bad... I NEED MOTIVATION AH!!!!!!

*feel like eating thai sweet chilli keropok!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My diary...


It was an early flight. I was surprised that you managed to wake up even though you cant send me off in time. I was very happy and of course, sad when you called. I cried when talking to you halfway eh. Duno if you realised or not. Hehe.. I cried when I go to the boarding room. Well, I have to say i miss my family lo.. During the transit, I have mistaken the letter G to letter C. Haha. Quickly, I make an “U-turn” and try to find where is gate C. When I reached, I wait for approximately 2 hours at the meeting point, just to wait for other students to arrive. Back then, I was hungry, thirsty and tired. While I am inside the bus, all I wanted to do is to eat then sleep. I was the only girl and the rests were mostly from India and Pakistan. I could remember their name except for one. If I am not mistaken, his name is Vindeet. They are mostly having either master course or postgraduate course. I arrived at the place after midnite!!! I was so so so hungry and tired. Luckily, Mr. Gentleman brought me to MCD. Hehe..

I couldn’t sleep that night. I was thinking and crying? Hmmm... I’m so like ku bao ho? Well, this is the first time I leave home and come to a new place all by myself. So lo... I really miss u guys.. Those whom I shouldn’t miss, I miss too. LOL.. Hmm.. What talking me? Well, It’s so late now and I am still in front of the computer typing. sengkeng 1... What to do? I CANT SLEEP! ={


Today, Mr. Gentleman brought me to Federation Square. So, we bought the train tickets and head to the Flinders Streets. Then we went into a place called NGV International. I was curious what does NGV stands for. So Mr. G was guessing Non-government sth. Well, that comes to my mind too at first! Haha.. Nways, NGV stands for National Gallery of Victoria. Then have lunch at the . The gong pao chicken is not spicy de even though it is written there (spicy) in the menu. Hehe.. Went to the State Library of Victoria as well.


The next day, we went to Victoria Market. It was a funny and nice experience coz I get to see how those from different meat stalls shout to promote the price of the food. Haha… Let me recall wad I have bought.. Hmm.., I bought prawns, lamb meat, sausages. Then we went to the vegetables section and we saw SMALL CHILLI!!!! So for those who told me that there isn’t any small chilli in Melbourne ah… ahem ahem.. =P And of course, I bought 1 stalk. HAHA. In the afternoon, I went to buy Angel Hair and it has offer price which is 3 dollar for 2. So I cooked that and vege for dinner. Mr. G cooked vege and salmon. We have like 5 dishes for dinner, including the chicken meat from the day before. Nice one~! Hehe.. We went for a walk after that and meet Mr.Sam. He was alone so he follow us to the city. We went to BIG W and buy my pillow, frying pan (coz the one in unilodge is not in good condition), towels (2 for AUD10) and so on… So 2 Mr.gentleman help me to carry my stuff.. Paiseh la.. and Xie lar.. hehe..


The orientation day was at the Town Hall and the enrolment day will be 2 days after. The last time I went online is enter the library “illegally” as we do not have the student ID card yet. So boh pien lo.. hehe.. Hope I can faster get my ID card so I can have internet access and ONline!.. hehe.. In the late evening, I went Coles with one of my housemate. Again, there’s this offer like 2 for AUD sth.. So me and her each bought 1 but in the same receipt since it is actually cheaper. ;) I planned to sleep early tonight but then something came up. So in the end, I am still awake till now (2.02am). AISI AH!!! Flashing back, I was complaining that I was very very very sleepy during and before the orientation.


As for today, I had a long walk along the streets where I get to know shops such as pharmacy, supermarkets, restaurants, church, schools and etc. The price of hair cut for guys is AUD13 whereas AUD15 for girls!!! Hmmm… Also, I saw a very nice wedding dress! Lol.. We had our lunch or I should say high tea at Petalling Street. I ordered curry laksa while ah jie had nasi pataya and ah sam ordered sth beef with rice. The portion of curry laksa was big for me so I have to tapao some back. Sengkeng ah if can finish all.. haha.. Oh ya, before that, I had icecream at the cones. 3 scoops of different flavor somemore! The 1st scoop was quite sweet but overall was quite nice! Hehe..

Nth much happen today as the duration for enrolment was so long! The elective subjects which I would like to take in the coming semester will only be offered in the next semester lo.. Haih… Because of this, my enrolment of the subjects is so troublesome and I end up finish everything at 6 sth.. Was so so so hungry ah! Hehe..

I woke up late today then headed up to school but end up queuing in a LONG line to get free noodle. Haha.. At a moment, a lady was giving out a small parcel which is actually from the health service. As I opened, I took out a highlight pen. Then ok lo.. The next thing I took out is c….. . ARGH! Then I shouted oh shit then there’s 2 guys looking at me… *paiseh si la!* I think the noodle was quite nice lo.. even though the ingredient consisted of mee, bak choy, cucumber and little bit of meat. After that, we went to IKEA and Kmart today to buy thicker blanket, bed sheet, laundry bag and clothes hanger.

I cant remember wad happened today as I forgot to write sth down.. hehe..
Well, same goes to sat and sun… Oh wait…

Ya… I remember wad I have done on sat. Well, we went to Victoria market to buy fresh foods for Sunday’s meal!!! It’s Chap Goh Meh… So we decided to cook NICE dinner… Mmm… where else we went to??? Let me think… ah… Keith brought me to see fir show and Dragon! Haha… Is not a real dragon ah… Dun get it wrongly.. hehe… Is a statue of the dragon which will move along with the music… ;)

I nearly got lost in the city coz I took the wrong train to go back home..

And we came up with 8 dishes (if I am not mistaken), garlic bread for on tray and sago melon strawberry milk for dessert! It was VERY VERY NICE! Lol…

~~Nways, the life in Melb is very different from the life I have in Kch… Hopefully I can cope with it asap… Jia you lar…

Monday, February 1, 2010


最近花了不少,真是过意不去。。。唉。。。 消费真高啊。。。货币又那么的高。真是的。。。And 新年快到了,当然要买几件新衣啦。Mmmm.. 没办法啦,这是习俗嘛。。

希望将来能赚大钱,要买什么就什么。。 哈哈,那可真好! 哈哈。。Well, 偶尔做做梦也不错嘛。哈哈。。 =)