Saturday, March 12, 2011


Treasure... What is treasure??? Treasure as in rich?? Wealth may be important, however, if the verb treasure is neglected, then the noun treasure might be worthless. To learn or understand the importance of treasure sb or sth is crucial as time waits for no man. Anything can happen, regardless of good or bad. Sth bad such as the natural disaster (Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami as the most recent) has caused catastrophic effects. And, it triggers tsunami warning for countries all around the Pacific Ocean. Really hope that everything will be alright.

Treasure what you have now... Try not make so much complaint (i admit that I do release my frustrations quite a lot.. aiks aiks... and i am trying to release 'em out with a good way.), Treasure your family and friends. =)
If someone doesnt treat you good or as good as before, or maybe coz u have done sth wrong, perhaps just let that someone to cool down first and figure out what to do next.

Friends may always be apart someday and until then, there will be a distance in between. However, as long as the friendship remains and as before, there wont be any worries to be friends forever (This will also occurs at other relationships). To have this, "treasure" is again playing its role. ;)