Sunday, July 29, 2007

TAGGED!!! - 5 Complains

5 Complains:
Tagged by Aprillll.....


At least some freedom for me??? Plz??

2. DUN EVER EVER SAY PEOPLE'S SECRET OUT even though u're forced to!!!

If a friend told u a secret, NEVER say it out even though people forced u to! even if that person is ur close friend! SAY NO! However, it can be excluded in emergency cases. hmm.. Ok, back to the secret. Secret is something that is known to few people or only to a person and is meant to be kept! People told u the secret coz they have their trust in you! They believe in u! So, DUN MESS THINGS UP!! Plz: dun ruin the friendship! As for me, i dont like my frens to say my secret out. But if they did, i'll like them to tell me bout dat so that i wont be so angry at them.


When i'm bz with schoolwork, not too much housework plz!!! It pisses me off easily!! I cant do so many things in a short period of time. Eventually, things just get worse!


Stupid neighbours like to burn rubbish polluting the air. Cant they just throw the rubbish in the bin? What for still need to waste their time lighting the fire and so on.

5.Dun have a good figure

Dont always say that i'm fat and bla bla bla. I know i am but dont keep on reminding me for so many times in a day! Once in a blue moon will be fine.. JUST DONT REPEAT SO MANY TIMES IN A DAY!

Now, 5 person that i am goin to tag:

1. Shirley
2. Lin Shen
3. Wei Liang
4. A very
5. Ah pek and all my frens!!!

Y cant i tag more ppl?? Must it be 5?? aiyer... i still want to tag other ppl le... tao yan.. haha.. =)

Friday, July 20, 2007


Tagged by Eric Soon....

5 things found in my bag:

a. Pencil case

b. Sweets from Mango

c. Lovely butterfly thing from Aie Lee

d. Wei Xiao Pasta from Judieth

e. Key Chain from Tyng Tyng

5 things found in my wallet:

a. Love-shaped money

b. T-shirt money

c. Special gift from Mel. C

d. Coins

e. Hansaplast

5 favorite things in my room:

a. Piggy from Chiew Han

b. Dolphin bought from Aus

c. Cute doggy (Herder) from Fairol

d. Bear bear from Yvonne

e. Glow dark things and other soft toys!

5 things I've always wanted to do: *dun reli haf idea in this..

a. Have my own freedom

b. Have my way of living

c. Go to church

d. Try to be more happy

e. Have a happy family

5 things I am currently into:

a. Thinking of ideas to have more variety of dishes for dinner

b. Watch movies esp KOREAN!!

c. Chatting + webcam

d. Play games

e. Housework

5 person that I tagged:

a. Chiew Han

b. Stefanie

c. Wui Jie

d. Avery

e. Keith and all readers..

Cheeserland as well !!!! Chen, Tung tung oso.. :P Riyan, susan, april.... and er.. aiya.. everyone who read dis!!! haha... =)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Japanese restaurant at Crown Square..

After the renovation, this place become so cool!!! Sort of like Western Style..

Decorative, indeed.

Yummy..... Well, it's just a pic.. haha..
This is also a pic

At first i thought this is a spoon, but it's NOT.. Do u have the same thought as mine?? Be honest! haha..

My lime juice...
The Garlic Rice is so nice... i wonder how they make the rice... hmm

I have no idea what is this... paiseh..

Jelly + peach + watermelon + orange
TADA!! I was tricked by the food that looked like ice-cream!! Haha.. Honestly, u do think so, dont u? *refer to the red dot.

Coz' i dont like eating Japanese food, I end up eatin Fried Chicken with curry sauce. There's a name for it but i cant recall.. hehe.. Yummy but expensive oso.. ={

BYe BYe...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Webcam with frens..


so HAPPY to see each other after a long period of time for not seeing each other!! Miss me?? haha..wont blame me for dis rite, han? ;P

Ahhhh.... i want to eat dat sweet oso...

Open my mouth so big oso no use. Haih.. i hope next time can teleport food as well.. haha..

Wad happened to us?? haha.. lol..

OH My!! someone is so naughty..haha...

Do silly faces...

Bye bye ...

Kyle,, u sign in at de wrong time.. haha.. jk..jk.. =)

Cant find other pics... ARGH!!! nvm.. that will do.. So my girl frens, if u miss me ar... webcam with me!! hahahahaha... =)