Friday, February 29, 2008


Manhattan Fish Market

Have a look inside the Manhattan Fish Market in Spring..

Good food and good times served daily huh..

Spot the hidden mickey! =P

No fishing??? haha..

RED HOT FISH!!!! The fish was fresh and nice ba..
Fried mushrooms..

Monday, February 25, 2008

CNY 2008 celebration...

A very simple reunion dinner...


1st day of CNY.. gong xi fa cai.. HaPpy cHineSe nEw YeaR!! lalalalala...

Went to Spring on de 2nd day to have dinner... But then it's hard to search for food.. Haha.. As u can see... full house... We went to the Food Bazzaar as well but then not much things left. So, next stop was the Manhattan Fish Market..

Find a place to sit also need to wait for a period of time.. What to do.. The second day of CNY ma.. Most of the shops, restaurants were closed.. so everyone went to Spring! I cant find any empty place in here.. see.. haha..

While waiting for the food to come, this was what i did... Takin pictures.. the CraB pOt- where all the crabs get steamed???
After wait and wait, finally..

The fish here was very very nice!!! Very fresh!!!
I met han after i had my dinner... so happy to see her!! At first she din saw me when i waved at her.. haha..

Went out on de 3rd, 4th and 5th day of CNY...
alderin's b'day!!
Next day went to Crown Square for lunch...

A very simple Chap Goh Meh dinner..HaPpy chAp gOh Meh!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Try not to...

Dat day i went to have lunch with my friends at "The Chicken Rice Shop" at Spring. At first everything was okay. We ordered 4 hot chinese tea, 1 cold chinese tea and 1 coffee; 3 curry chicken noodle , 2 roasted chicken rice and... opps.. i forgot what anne ordered.. And when the drinks came, there were 5 hot chinese tea and 2 coffee.. Then a lady gave us forks and spoons and some tissue. The forks and spoons were oily and worse still, fingerprints!!! ={ Oh my.. We definitely do not want to use these forks and spoons so we asked for clean forks and spoon. Again, they gave us dirty ones. This time, we asked from the leader of the staff i suppose. He told us that he will get us clean forks and spoons. So we waited and waited.. Then one of my friend said :" How come so long 1??" Then another 1 said:"Coz he cant find any clean spoon".. Haha.. I could see de staff cleaning the spoons though.

Then the food came... nothing much to say about the food..

I ordered curry chicken noodle. *FYI, the noodle below is not mine, is ah pheng's. I forgot to take pic of my noodle. My noodle dont haf so much curry sauce on it. So i ask for some more curry sauce....

And this what they gave me..... ={ looks more like curry chicken without noodle to me.. haha

Well, i personally think that singapore chicken rice is much much much nicer and better than the chicken rice shop. No offence ya to those who like to eat at the chicken rice shop.

Next - Food and tea

I personally think that the foods at there are not nice lo.

This dish is nissin noodle with chicken chop. FYI, some of the meat could not be eaten coz it is still raw, not cooked enough. ={

This 1 is the Roasted Honey Spare Ribs with Shanghai Style Rice. *FYI, the meat was not so nice lo and hard to bite. ={

I ever tried the cheese baked rice as well and i dont think is nice lo. I personally think the cheese baked rice from Causeway Bay o the Secret Garden is much nicer lo..

This drink is called Purple Rain and that's the only thing i like at Food and Tea...

No offence ya to those who like to go to Food and Tea at Spring and The Chicken Rice Shop at Sping.. Well, different people have different opinion though..