Friday, February 29, 2008


Manhattan Fish Market

Have a look inside the Manhattan Fish Market in Spring..

Good food and good times served daily huh..

Spot the hidden mickey! =P

No fishing??? haha..

RED HOT FISH!!!! The fish was fresh and nice ba..
Fried mushrooms..


Johnson said...

the hot fish costs how much ar? Seems like it's super tasty. Better chia me one next time during my birthday! haha

saykhia said...

I prefer the seafood platter for two. Nama saja "for two". It's fit for three!

I prefer Manhattan Fish Market to Kenny Roger's. Hahaha.

~Laura~ said...

Johnson, the red hot fish costs 29.90. Very fresh lo de fish.. haha.. lol..i ask ur mum make 1 enough la.. haha.. =P

Saykhia, that seafood platter can for 4 to 5 person eh.. Haha.. But i dun like they use de gas to melt de cheese lo.. I nvr been to Kenny Roger's wo.. coz my frens and bro o dad say not nice..

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R2K said...

: )

~Laura~ said...