Sunday, October 9, 2011

Emotional Intelligence~~

Emotional Intelligence:

1. Self Awareness - FOCUS ur attention on ur emotional state- being aware, in-the-moment, of wad u're feeling. Are you happy, excited, worried or angry? Given that information about ur emotional state, wad should (or shouldnt) u do or say next? Use dat information to help u make effective decisions to achieve better outcomes for yourself and others.

2. Self Regulation - Having the skill to be able to choose the emotions u wan to experience, rather than being the victim of wadever emotions occur - not letting others "push ur buttons". It is about possessing the ability to manage ur emotional state. Do not confuse this with "burying" or "stuffing" ur feelings. The skill to choose the emotions u want - typically to be able to TRANSFORM negative draining emotional states into positive productive ones.

3. Self Motivation - The ability to use ur emotions to cause urself to take positive action to continue to persistently pursue goals even in the face of significant adversity or difficulty. This is about USING ur emotions to be positive, optimistic, confident and persistent rather than negative, pessimistic and second-guessing urself and ur decisions.

4. Empathy -  The ability to LISTEN effectively and accurately enuf to put urself in other person's shoes. This is not necessarily to agree with them, but to truly understand the situation from their point-of-vie in order to IMPROVE communication, problem-solving and trust.

5. Nurturing Relationships - The ability to DEMONSTRATE sincere care for others. Through word and deed, demonstrate appreciation for ppl's effort and contribution. This is about setting a positive tone of cooperation no matter how difficult the situation or conversation and having other's best interests in mid while focusing on achieving goals to create win-win outcomes.

Quoted by the 'Nature & Health' ... =)