Sunday, July 19, 2009

untitled 4

在人生中, 人总是会随着时间, 背景或其他等等而改变. 有的人呢能在一瞬间就改变了. 有的却要改变也改变不了.那我或你是属于那一型的呢?

上个学期是我经历过最难熬的... 读书或做工课的效率退步了许多. 有时还不能100%地集中. 不要说100% la, 一半都不知有吗.. 唉... 真失败... 不过,还好有时候朋友提醒了我. 偶然我还被挨骂哦.哈哈. 每当我想放弃时, 我都会想尽方法不让自己这么做.. 例如: ..... 等等... 我非常的感谢我的知己给的关怀. 虽然他们不知道整个的来龙去脉但我也很感激他们.. =) 然而, 我也非常的抱歉如果我带给你伤害或失望..

上学期的成绩过几天就会被揭晓了.. 非常的害怕咯.. 不知道会考得怎么様... 啊!!!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

what is this????

Some time during the final, me and Shirley bumped into Miss Cordelia and she told us dat there was a RM50 note on a chair at level 2. She said that she thought someone left it there as it looked real but when she flip over..... So, me and shirley went to have a look... Curious ma ... Hehe... Well, it reli looks like a RM50 note to us dat time.. *see below:
BUT on the other side.....

BLANK???? hehe....


Thursday, July 2, 2009

stupid mosquitoes!!

Something is wrong yesterday. Duno why there are so many mosquitoes bite me when i was cooking for dinner. There are roughly 40 plus mosquitoes bite me eh. I am not kidding oh and i have no idea why so many mosquitoes. So i keep on hitting and hitting... argH!... First time experiencing this.... spoil my mood of cooking nia... grr.... den ho.... i cant stand it anymore so i use soap to spread over my leg and continue cooking.. haha... but somehow they still manage to bite me... ={ Why on earth there's so many mosquitoes attacking me??? hmmm... might be the neighbour's fault for dumping so many bottles and so on at the back... hmph... And now, i haf so many RED SPOT on my leg... grrr.... so itchy!!!