Thursday, July 2, 2009

stupid mosquitoes!!

Something is wrong yesterday. Duno why there are so many mosquitoes bite me when i was cooking for dinner. There are roughly 40 plus mosquitoes bite me eh. I am not kidding oh and i have no idea why so many mosquitoes. So i keep on hitting and hitting... argH!... First time experiencing this.... spoil my mood of cooking nia... grr.... den ho.... i cant stand it anymore so i use soap to spread over my leg and continue cooking.. haha... but somehow they still manage to bite me... ={ Why on earth there's so many mosquitoes attacking me??? hmmm... might be the neighbour's fault for dumping so many bottles and so on at the back... hmph... And now, i haf so many RED SPOT on my leg... grrr.... so itchy!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe mosquito season is coming into your area. It came into my area like 6 months ago, but i went on vacation to Mexico last week and got bit by over 100 mosquitoes. I feel your pain, I think i feel it 20x worse, my bites still itch and some of them are inflaming as big as a nickle

~Laura~ said...

anonymous? as big as nickle????

Anonymous said...

Yeah... as big as a nickle, I don't know why they got so inflamed. I took care of the bites now tho. A friend gave me some calamine cream so I used it and it did calm the itch down. Right now I still got the marks of the bites tho, They're flat but basically look like bruises in a way.