Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 Good Reasons Why You took so Long on The Loo!!!

This is what i saw at the Lab Technician's Office... Haha... LOL!!!

  1. I was overcome by the fumes of the last visitors and have only just regained consciousness.
  2. The door lock jammed and i ended up having to blast my way out.
  3. I fell into the toilet bowl and had to wait for my clothes to dry.
  4. Some fool put superglue on the toilet seat.
  5. The voices kept telling me, "Push the button and you'll win a prize".
  6. I'm obsessive compulsive and had to count the number of hairs on my... never you mind.
  7. I couldn't get my zip undone so i crept out the back and worked on the damn old thing in the fool shed...

K K.. Time to get back to assignments and projects...