Sunday, October 7, 2007

Boring day at sch...


TADA!!! Guess who's hand is whose... and guess which 1 is mine!!!! =P

a (left) & b (right)

c (top) and d (bottom)

e (top) & f (bottom)



i (left) & j (top) & k (bottom)

l (left) & m (right)

So which 1 is my hand le??? hard to guess o not??? There are others hand like Aldrin, Shirley, Avery, Keith and Yieng.. can guess??? wahahahaha.. =P


Me and my frens waited for our turn to go to the toilet for so long.. I think about 15 to 20 mins ar.. oh my.. i wonder wad r the people doin in the pung kang?? haha.. waited for so long ar.. So, we waited in front of the mirror.. Then, we comb our hair and so on.. Er.. i've forgotten y we take pic.. nvm..

This was taken again in the toilet.. She is smiling when her mum is scolding her.. not bad huh.. haha..