Monday, January 28, 2008

When i was tidying my study room....

I FounD .......

cute coin box from sarah when i was in form 3 i think...
piggy from han when i was in form 3 o izzit form 4...
Honeydew Melon soft toy from Kyle..
baby rabbit from er... when i was in primary sch.
Phone cards...
i wonder who still use phone cards nowadays.. hmmm...

Handmade earring box from han... =)

Handmade box from Mel when i was in form 3...

I appreciate it a lot... Thanks ya... =)


13th birthday>> So, is 7 years old b'day card... Wow...

a bookmark from Han but i still dun wan to use it..

I still keep dis pic eh, chiew han.. Haha... Do u still remember who's picture is it?? haha..

Hey pheng! I found these.. haha.. =P

sarah jeje made dis..

longest b'day card that i ever recieved...

cute nice cards!!

small note from Riyan... she give me dis when i was sleeping in the sch's library.. haha..

Found this as well..
Sorry ar wei liang, i cant lend u some of the physics notes coz i cant find it until thatday... Paiseh..

Still haf lots of things which i havent tidy up.. So messy ba..

That's all for now... Thank u very very very very much to my frens.. I reli appreciate them.. When i look back to the cards, i reli miss those days that we had together.. Even though we r not in de same sch now, i am happy that we can still keep in touch.. Must always keep in touch oh.. Even though we might not have the same topic to talk to, we can still share them.. And even though it's hard to stay close like before coz different sch.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008


ERT: Dun wan to show u my teeth..
seems that johnson and eric want to eat judieth's food and judieth fights back!!! haha..
aldrin cut his hair and i almost cant recognise him.
They r thinkin of someone.. Hmm... Wad is she doin now???
Got caught when i take pic of her.. haha
Johnson's pose...

This picture is not related to the pictures above...
Can u spot the clown???? I wanted to go there and take a balloon from that shop but is only for kids. so not fair ba. haha..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random pics of food .. 1

Yum yum..