Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random pics of food .. 1

Yum yum..


















Eric said...

You cook all those kah?

Pheng said...

eric: impossible lar,haha..

~Josey~ said...

i'm hungry laura!

~Laura~ said...

aiya, dis ah pheng ar.. say impossible pula.. if i reli cook den u noe.. haha..

Josey, kia!! Eating time!! haha..

abubu said...

aiyak lola..y din write where u get those food ar..

where u get g, k, l and m from le?

wan to go eat liao =D

~Laura~ said...

Wah.. nid to write 1 by 1 ar?? haha.. well,

(g) is from Secret Garden and it's turkey ham baked rice. Price is RM10.90 if i am not mistaken.

(k) is from Japanese Restaurant at Clown Square. It is er.. i duno de real name but i can tell u is chicken wif rice. Soup and other things will be given. can order wif curry 1 oso..

(l) is oso from japanese Restaurant. It is chicken wif sauce and the sauce is a bit sweet sweet 1..

(m) is oso from Japanese Restaurant. The one above de one look like salad 1 is crab meat.. =)

Prim3 said...

Wow.. so many nice foods.. make ppl hungry only.. haha