Tuesday, January 1, 2008


going out tonight but some people could not make it.. =( 2 working, 1 did not get de msg and 1 sick!!! =(


Anne and me...
Me and nicNaughty ah tong and ah jin ar..
SmiLe =)

Ah tong! the security guard likes u ba.. haha.. He requested to take pic with u ONLY wo!! haha.. And y u cover one of ur eye ar?? Dun be shy.. haha.. See the smile on his face..HAHA.. hmm..
Next- GraPpe

I din noe that we can play games there.. until we are leaving.. =(
Isaac's and anne's drink *paiseh, i forgot what is it oredi..Nic's...

AND MINE!!! Chocolate frappe



Pheng said...

wah..i miss it!i shud hav joined u guys,haha..nvm..nex time lo..haha

~Laura~ said...

Who ask u ar.. Haiz... At first wan to give u surprise 1.. but wad to do.. =( haha.. =P