Sunday, October 7, 2007

Boring day at sch...


TADA!!! Guess who's hand is whose... and guess which 1 is mine!!!! =P

a (left) & b (right)

c (top) and d (bottom)

e (top) & f (bottom)



i (left) & j (top) & k (bottom)

l (left) & m (right)

So which 1 is my hand le??? hard to guess o not??? There are others hand like Aldrin, Shirley, Avery, Keith and Yieng.. can guess??? wahahahaha.. =P


Me and my frens waited for our turn to go to the toilet for so long.. I think about 15 to 20 mins ar.. oh my.. i wonder wad r the people doin in the pung kang?? haha.. waited for so long ar.. So, we waited in front of the mirror.. Then, we comb our hair and so on.. Er.. i've forgotten y we take pic.. nvm..

This was taken again in the toilet.. She is smiling when her mum is scolding her.. not bad huh.. haha..


saykhia said...

You ppl really susu peng larrr... -_-"

Readers, if you wanna guess which one is Lala's hand, just look for the fairest one!

'raiNy' said...
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'raiNy' said...

Hahaha...yeah lor..
It's really easy to guess which one is ur hand laura.. the fairest one is urs lor.. >.< n wear blue watch one also!haha..
N the funny one, shirley really still could smiling when her mum was scolding her in the phone?haha unbelievable..

Eric said...

aiyoh.. go toilet also camwhore.. tsk tsk tsk.. if accidentally take wrong picture how..?

~Laura~ said...

Aldrin, who r 'u ppl'?? refering to??? me o who?? hmmm.. And, U R NOT SUPPOSE TO TELL PPL 1st la.. aiks.. now everyone noes the answer.. tao yan.. haha..

Riyan.. Ya.. reli.. dat time i was waiting for her ma coz her mum call her and scold her coz she forgot sth.. so i take pic lo.. den she smile when i take pic.. haha..

Eric, wad take wrong pic oh??? Meaning???

pheng said...

i know,i know,izzit l? fairest 1,haha..i so kiang ler..swt..

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Eric said...

huh..? alien language..?

~Laura~ said...

Pheng, not onli l.. haha..

hmm... wad does it means?

eric, dun say until like dat la.. aiks.. haha..

shirley said...

Oi oi, cannot say out larrrr... Haiyo, later my mum see this how le? Haha. =P
Ur hand so easy to guess hooo. I guess mine is (b). Coz is ellow de. >_<'''

~Laura~ said...

Shirley, kenot say out wad?>??? mum see??? ????ya.. urs is b?? r u sure???? i dun think so le.... haha...

Tiong yienG said...

i am B...hehe correct?

~Laura~ said...

YA!!! u r rite, yieng!!! =) i duno y shirley think is her le... haha.. ;p