Sunday, July 29, 2007

TAGGED!!! - 5 Complains

5 Complains:
Tagged by Aprillll.....


At least some freedom for me??? Plz??

2. DUN EVER EVER SAY PEOPLE'S SECRET OUT even though u're forced to!!!

If a friend told u a secret, NEVER say it out even though people forced u to! even if that person is ur close friend! SAY NO! However, it can be excluded in emergency cases. hmm.. Ok, back to the secret. Secret is something that is known to few people or only to a person and is meant to be kept! People told u the secret coz they have their trust in you! They believe in u! So, DUN MESS THINGS UP!! Plz: dun ruin the friendship! As for me, i dont like my frens to say my secret out. But if they did, i'll like them to tell me bout dat so that i wont be so angry at them.


When i'm bz with schoolwork, not too much housework plz!!! It pisses me off easily!! I cant do so many things in a short period of time. Eventually, things just get worse!


Stupid neighbours like to burn rubbish polluting the air. Cant they just throw the rubbish in the bin? What for still need to waste their time lighting the fire and so on.

5.Dun have a good figure

Dont always say that i'm fat and bla bla bla. I know i am but dont keep on reminding me for so many times in a day! Once in a blue moon will be fine.. JUST DONT REPEAT SO MANY TIMES IN A DAY!

Now, 5 person that i am goin to tag:

1. Shirley
2. Lin Shen
3. Wei Liang
4. A very
5. Ah pek and all my frens!!!

Y cant i tag more ppl?? Must it be 5?? aiyer... i still want to tag other ppl le... tao yan.. haha.. =)

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