Saturday, July 14, 2007

Japanese restaurant at Crown Square..

After the renovation, this place become so cool!!! Sort of like Western Style..

Decorative, indeed.

Yummy..... Well, it's just a pic.. haha..
This is also a pic

At first i thought this is a spoon, but it's NOT.. Do u have the same thought as mine?? Be honest! haha..

My lime juice...
The Garlic Rice is so nice... i wonder how they make the rice... hmm

I have no idea what is this... paiseh..

Jelly + peach + watermelon + orange
TADA!! I was tricked by the food that looked like ice-cream!! Haha.. Honestly, u do think so, dont u? *refer to the red dot.

Coz' i dont like eating Japanese food, I end up eatin Fried Chicken with curry sauce. There's a name for it but i cant recall.. hehe.. Yummy but expensive oso.. ={

BYe BYe...


levian said...

wow !! looks so tasty !! i wanna try too !! :D

Ringo said...

You just kena-ed cheesed! Muahaha.

Reference: I memed you

LalaTing ;p said...

haha.. sure, levian! u noe where is it rite?

Ringo, wad do u mean by kena-cheesed???

Ringo said...

I tagged you to do a meme.

LalaTing ;p said...

wad is meme?? And may i noe wad is ur name?

shirley said...

About the meme, u click the link to the blog la, then u will understand liao.
Wah, delicious foods again! Guess next time u can earn money by promoting those restaurant liao lo.. haha

susan said...

laura... u like japanese food is it? :)

Johnson said...

wha..sushi! I like !! Arrr. tempatation that is hard to resist!

LalaTing ;p said...

Shirley, how to earn money by promoting their restaurant?? hmm.

Susan, i dun like la.. hehe.. i dun reli know how to eat japanese food eh.. hehe.. wad bout u?

Johnson, i dun like le.. haha..

susan said...

i dun like japanese food also... :) ur blog lots of japanese food i thought u like it :D

~Laura~ said...

same here, susan.. i dun like japanese food oso.. haha.. my mum like..