Monday, August 2, 2010

27th July...

This month is quite a tiring month.. I got back from Melb and have to do my internship placement, Not long after that, my mum went for operation and I have to take care of her. There’s so much thing to do and I have to say that I really admire those women who work while able to handle housework, also to keep the house in a clean and tidy. After work, I have to go home and prepare dinner for family. Then have to wash clothes and fold clothe, sometimes ironing the clothes. I am not so good in managing all these in a day lo.. I was so so so so so exhausted ah after all these. Haha.. That is also why I don’t really online ki.. Too many things to do then too tired to online liao ah.. Every morning when I wake up, I wish to have more time on sleeping. So this come to my mind, how can the adults handle all these esp those who need to send their kids to school too??? Mmm… 5 sth wake up, then prepare breakfast for kids, then send kids to sch, then go for work, then after work, have to prepare dinner for family. After washing all the dishes and frying pans,… send kids to tuition? Or check whether they do their homework? Or spend some time watching tv? Wow!!! There’s not much time left to online before go zzz eh.. Hehe.. Play game oso cannot play too long oh.. If not, the next day sure cannot work under a good condition. Haha..

One month is coming to the end… My internship is going to over… And I am going to melb le.. Mmm… New sem is coming and that is going to be my last sem.. Hopefully this coming sem is goin to be nice and smooth.. =)

I have so many things undone oso eh.. Havent go watch movie de.. Havent go out eat dinner… Havent go shopping de.. Havent buy what I wan so I can bring over. Hehe… Only manage to go out eat with Shirley, Josey for the moment and also meet up with abubu them nia… *piak my head.

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