Monday, April 26, 2010

WHY??? WHY? WHY???

There is indeed a lot of questions on “WHY?”. Why why why??? There’s simple WHY questions and complicated WHY questions…

Why is it like this?
And Why is it like that?
Why do you have to be like this?
And Why do you have to be like that?
Why do you like this?
And Why do you dislike that?
Why do you love this?
And Why do you hate that?
Why do you prefer this and not that?
Why do you have to make such decision but not the other one?

Why do you have to think so much?
And why can’t you stop thinking?
Why do you have to be sad or upset?
And why not just let it go or forget about it?
Why do you miss someone?
And why you can’t forget about that someone?
Why is it that I have to listen to you?
And why can’t I have my own point of view?
Why do you reject instead of accept?


Although the WHY questions seem to have an answer or answers to them, there is a possibility that the WHY questions could not be answered. So, why is this so? Again, the WHY question arise… Haha…

Ok la.. Don’t make things too complicated. Ignore the WHY questions when u r doing something. Don’t make these WHY questions to bother you. Keep your mind away from the WHY questions!!! Lol… (if only it is that easy… I know I know… hehe).

However, sometimes thinking and having a solution or answers to the WHY question may be beneficial… Haha… You may ask “Why is that so??” Mmm….

Let’s say in most of the time, you have the answer for the WHY question/(s), is just that you will prefer to say:”I don’t know….”. Right? ;)

So, why do you have to say I don’t know while you do know why… Hmmm… Sometimes, you feel lazy to talk bout it or you totally don’t feel like talking bout it. And sometimes, the answer is the Secret… Ooo….


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