Thursday, November 29, 2007

A day out..

Secret garden cafe (used to be Room 205)
*hard time findin the place huh, pheng. haha

Dat day, the seats outside were full so the waiter ask us to sit at the back dere - a very secretive place huh..

Flowers behind our table..

Nice shape.. haha.

While waiting for the food to come, people just need to check their phone, smsin gf o bf.. Haha. jk

Nways, i spotted this. Haha..

Let the fight begins.. haha

Chris, wad's the name for this drink ar?? Cappuccino wad wad..

Longan drink

Lemon green tea

Curry baked chess rice.. Yum Yum

Well, i forgot which 1 is seafood baked rice and the other 1 is... *pheng, which is which ar??
Tom Yam fried rice
Lamb chop??


the Kidnapper... dun try to hide ur face, ah jin.. haha..
btw, sorry ya for not goin to Icescoop and MCD with u all.. We go next time ya.. =)But we managed to go to lao dian rite?

Next destination - 老 店 (Lao dian)

So happy to be here ho, pheng. haha.. =P

Cake!! Thank u very much oh, Keith!! =)


Spot the hidden mickey!! haha..

Lastly, have a smile everyday!!! =) Enjoy ur holidays my frens..



Eric said...

why don have ur own face one..? only the birthday one nia..

S o.O n said...

hey..., got save some cake for me oooo..,

~Laura~ said...

eric: wad my own face????

Soon: dat was long time ago 1 le.. haha.. where gok cake left oh... ;p

saykhia said...

Sempat drive to Lao Dian from Room 205. I thought they're practically across the road from each other? =P

~Laura~ said...

saykhia: at first they wan to go scoop. Drove to scoop oh and try to find place to park but luckily no parking space. haha. I dun wan to go that far coz i scared later my dad complained me for being goin here and there. Then later they wan to go MCD! den say send me home somemore.. Omost cry ar when they reli want to drive there. haha.. coz kenot drive me home ma.. kena bombed later.. haha. So,after i begged and begged and say i chia them la, den baru we went all the way back to lao dian lo..

pheng said...

my exam is over!!Finally!!
wah,i wait 4 dis post 4 so long ar..until nw u baru post,dui...laura,u said until so kolian,we treat u very gud k?say until we treat u so bad,haha..y u din post ur own face,how bout isaac driving?i rmb u gt take his pic?

~Laura~ said...

haha... lol... aiyo, pheng.. Dat time bz oso ma.. as u can see, i upload so many pics gok bo..Very good oh... say wan to go scoop den mcd den send me home ho.. haha.. Some of the pics very blur.. Like pics of us 1 oso very blur.. cant see clearly 1.. so i din post up lo.. hehe.. at first wan to upload his pic but dun wan la.. later he come kill me ar.. haha..

levian said...

oo .. 205 change name !! hehe. i was gonna say why doesn't see your face too. :p