Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random pics of food... 2

A little update from me... hehe.. Here goes... Some simple food..

(a) Butter prawn

(b) Fish with special sauce




(f) Spider Roll

(g) Tori Teri Don (free icecream) =)


(i) Grilled fish wif garlic sauce i suppose

(j) Sharing Platte

(k) Butter fish fillet

(l) Laksa.


lau sik kia said...

Wa.. the laksa.. where you took that photo... want to try. Never see laksa with pork before... YUM YUM.

~Laura~ said...

Is at de Mr.Ho's.. hehe.. Quite nice la.. Just that is not so spicy and quite a big portion for me.. hehe..

~Josey~ said...

so when you gonna cook?? :)

JorZac said...

i've never seen pork laksa before>....

~Laura~ said...

Haha.. Hey josey.. Actually got a few is i cook 1.. haha.. =P

Wah.. wui jie.. dis is de 1st time see u comment in my blog.. wow.. no wonder today raining.. haha.. jk.. Dat was my 1st time oh.. haha..