Saturday, August 8, 2009


There's been a super duper long time since i last post bout food... hehe... So here it goes....

(a) oh my.. i forgot wad i order d... i think is bee hoon soup with wantan

(b) Josey's nasi lemak

(c) wui jie's rice with omelette set meal

(d) siew yong's ginger chicken with rice

(e) soon eng's pineapple fried rice

(f) minced chicken with rice at Taipei 101...
(g) Josey's ma la tau fu at Taipei 101

(h) Wui Jie's butter and milk thick toast bread with vanilla ice-cream?

(i) soon eng's assam chicken with rice? opps.. cant remember... hehe..

(j) fried foochow mee

(k) curry chicken with rice

(l) nasi lemak at Tarot Cafe...


~Josey~ said...

where's the brownies?? yum yum

~Laura~ said...

Next post... haha... ;)