Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 different types of stress:~

Stress ah stress!!! So where do all these stresses come from??? 

There are four different types of stress:

1. Physical Stress: Happens when the body becomes tired and exhausted after heavy physical activities.

2. Mental Stress: The "stress" that affects our feelings, emotions, mood and behaviour, such as work-related stress and relationship problems.

3. Oxidative Stress: Stress imposed on the body by free radicals generated by our body or from external source, such as pollution and ultra-violet radiation.

4. Metabolic Stress: Occurs when we are suffering from illness or when recovering from surgery, fractures or diseases. Stress drains our energy and leaves us feeling low and lethargic. So, to prevent energy loss, we need to combat stress.

There are several ways to fight stress and boost our energy levels. One of the most effective ways is to supplement our bodies with a combination of Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C and Zinc. 
a. Vitamin B-Complex supports the process of energy production by metabolising carbohydrate, fat and protein. It also maintains a healthy nervous system, regulates appetite, stimulates growth and strengthen muscles. 

b. Vitamin C boosts the body's immune system against infections 

c. Zinc improves vitality and helps to prevent colds and hair loss, promotes faster recovery from illness, and wound healing. 

Originally written by  the Borneo Post (Nature & Health)


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