Wednesday, February 4, 2009



AW: Harlow...
KY: Please.....

Note: Look at ky's pose... hehe.. Haha. The pose is the same after few songs played.. =P
Guitarist: Aldrin, Eric and Johnson... *Also Soon Eng but he is not in this pic.
Song played: Think of me...
Think of me...
Think of me fondly
When we say goodbye..
Remember me, once in a while
Please promise me you'll try.
When you find that once again you long
To take your heat back and be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for me...
Think of me, think of me waking
Silent and resigned.
Imagine me trying too hard
To put you from my mind
Recall those days
Look back on all those times
Think of the things we'll never do
There will never be a day
When I won't think of you o o o....

Take care!! =)


saykhia said...

To add something:
The song is from Phantom of the Opera. Eric can play the solo for this song. He trains this song since.. ever.

Take care everyone!

Eric said...


But you left out Soon Eng. He's also one of the guitarist. Eng Eng liao..

~Laura~ said...

haha.. Not bad oh eric... Solo bo.. =P

I din left out soon eng le.. I am refering to the picture le.. Hehe.. ok ok.. will edit again..

Ezekiel said...

At least my guitar is shown.. That's all that matters. :P